Still life by Carstian Luyckx

The Belgian Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675) painted motifs with still lifes and live animals.

O belga Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675) pintou naturezas mortas e animais vivos.

Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675)-‘still life’-ca 1650

Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675)-‘opulent still life’

Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675)-‘allegory of Charles of England’

Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675)-‘fowl attacked by a fox’

Carstian Luyckx (1628-ca 1675)-‘still life with flowers’


In Russia by Alexander Makovsky

The Russian artist Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924) represented themes from his country.

O russo Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924) representou temas do seu país.

Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924)-‘Solikamsk’

Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924)-‘Russian provincial village’

Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924)-‘market day in Plyos’

Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924)-‘river’

Alexander Vladimirovich Makovsky (1869-1924)-‘view of Plyos’


Rustic people by Ignaz Raffalt

The Austrian artist Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857) painted people from rural areas.

O austríaco Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857) pintou pessoas do meio rural.

Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857)-‘before the storm’

Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857)-‘horses in the evening light’

Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857)-‘barn interior’

Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857)-‘toast in the farmhouse Kitchen’

Ignaz Raffalt (1800-1857)-‘returning home’


Russian battles by Alexander Kotzebue

The Russian artist Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889) painted battles fought by his People.

O russo Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889) pintou batalhas travadas pelo seu Povo.

Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889)-‘battle of Nerva 1700’

Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889)-‘battle of Kulm’

Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889)-‘battle of Poltava’

Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889)-‘siege of Noteborg 1702’

Alexander Kotzebue (1815-1889)-‘battle of Borodino’


Horses by Franz Roubaud

The Russian artist Franz Roubaud (1856-1928) painted scenes with horses.

O russo Franz Roubaud (1856-1928) pintou cenas com cavalos.

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928)-‘post station in the Caucasus’-1913

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928)-‘Russo-Persian war 1804-1813’

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928)-‘the hay card’

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928)-‘Cossacks’

Franz Roubaud (1856-1928)-‘horse sled in the snow’


Dutch People by Petrus Molijn

The Dutch artist Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849) represented people from his country.

O holandês Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849) representou pessoas do seu país.

Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849)-‘poor’

Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849)-‘farmer’s interior with a couple’

Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849)-‘a good hand’

Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849)-‘cordwainer’

Petrus Marius Molijn (1819-1849)-‘interior with farmer’s family’


Paris by Christa Kieffer

The German artist Christa Kieffer (contemporary) painted some iconic places of Paris.

A germânica Christa Kieffer (contemporary) pintou locais de Paris.

Christa Kieffer (contemporary)-‘April in Paris’

Christa Kieffer (contemporary)-‘café du Monde’

Christa Kieffer (contemporary)-‘encounter at Pont Alexandre’

Christa Kieffer (contemporary)-‘café Madeleine’

Christa Kieffer (contemporary)-‘feast at Place de la République’


Old West by Alfred Miller

The North-American artist Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874) painted themes from the previous century.

O norte-americanoAlfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874) pintou temas do século anterior.

Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874)-‘breaking camp at sunrise’

Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874)-‘the trapper’s bride’

Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874)-‘green river mountain’

Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874)-‘greeting the trappers’

Alfred Jacob Miller (1810-1874)-‘Snake Indians pursuing Crow horse thief’


Italy and Wales by Penry Williams

The Welsh artist Penry Williams (1798-1885) also painted Italian themes.

O galês Penry Williams (1798-1885) também pintou temas italianos.

Penry Williams (1798-1885)-‘the Italian family: ferry on the river Ninfa’-1831

Penry Williams (1798-1885)-‘Neapolitan peasants at a fountain’-1859

Penry Williams (1798-1885)-‘Romans with oxen in front of a ruin’

Penry Williams (1798-1885)-‘bridge over river Taff’

Penry Williams (1798-1885)-‘South Wales industrial’-ca 1825


In the field by Émile Claus

The Belgian artist Émile Claus (1849-1924) painted countryside scenes.

O belga Émile Claus (1849-1924) pintou cenas campestres.

Émile Claus (1849-1924)-‘beetroot harvest’

Émile Claus (1849-1924)-‘flax weeding in Flanders’

Émile Claus (1849-1924)-‘meeting on the bridge’

Émile Claus (1849-1924)-‘Summer evening’

Émile Claus (1849-1924)-‘on the way to school’