American way of life
American scenes - interior (Vida americana - interior)
Beggars (mendigos)
Birthday 1931 (Dia de Anos)
Black slaves in Europe
Breakfast (pequeno-almoço)
Brazilian customs by Johann Moritz Rugendas (1802-1858)
Christian marriage
Coffee drinkers (consumidores de café)
Countryside children by Myles Berket Foster (1825-1899)

Daily life by Egisto Lancerotto (1847-1916)
Donkeys in paintings
Dutch kitchen in the 17th century
Easter Procession in Russia
Family in the 19th century
Family by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793-1865) 
French women’s fashion (moda feminina francesa) (séc. XIX)
German food by Georg Flegel (1566-1638) 
Hunting on horseback by Wilhelm Velten (1847-1929)
Ice Dutch skaters by Jan Spohler (1837-1923)
Inhabited loneliness
Japanese courtesans
Korean art
Labours of the Months
Love and marriage
Market scenes by Pieter Aertsen
Means of transport (meios de transporte)
Months of the Year
Muslims by Benjamin Constant (1845-1902)
Pillory: derision and punishment 
Pipe smokers (fumadores de cachimbo
Poverty by Jozef Israëls (1824-1911)
Professional attire by Nicolas de l'Armessin II (1640-1725)
Chiromancy (Quiromancia)
Sic labitur aetas
Sugar manufacture in Antigua
Toreadors or bullfighters by Ignacio Zuloaga Zabaleta (1870-1943)

US Natives by Stan Davies (1942- )
Village figures by Thomas Webster