Beggars (mendigos)

We designate homeless or beggars the human beings who are unable to ensure their own survival, particularly food survival. They fall into moral degradation by resorting to begging. In some cases these situations are connected to problems like unemployment, drug addiction and psychiatric disorders.

Denominam-se mendigos ou pedintes os seres humanos incapazes de per si garantirem a sua sobrevivência, principalmente alimentar. Caem na degradação moral do recurso à mendicidade. Em alguns casos estão ligados a problemas de desemprego, toxicodependência e do foro psiquiátrico.

Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825)-'Belisarius (general of Byzantine Empire) begging for alms'-oil on canvas-1784   Paris-Musée du Louvre

Georges La Tour (1593-1652)-'the pea-eaters'-oil on canvas   Berlin-Gemäldegalerie

Joos van Craesbeck (1625-1660)-'beggar girl'-oil on canvas   Wien-Kunsthistorisches Museum

Francisco de Herrera (1576-1656)-'blind organ-grinder'-oil on canvas-1640   Wien-Kunsthistorisches Museum

Alfred George Stevens (1817-1875)-'they call the vagabonds'-oil on canvas-1855   Paris-Musée d' Orsay

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