Abraham (Abraão)
Adoration of Christ by the Magi

Building of Noah's Ark
Birth of Christ (Geburt Christi)
Book of Kells-miniatures (8th century)
Circumcision of Christ
Christ's miracles
Christ before Pilate
Crossing the Red Sea (Travessia do Mar Vermelho)
Destruction of Sodom
Entry of Christ into Jerusalem
First Christians in Rome
First crusade (1095-1099)
First Communion (Primeira Comunhão)
Hagar, Abraham’s mistress
Hindu deities
Hindu temples at Bhuvaneswar 
Jews by Elena Flerova
Last day of Christ in Jerusalem
Missions in California by Edwin Deakin
Notre Dame of Paris
Orthodox selection by Victor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov (1843-1926)
Passion of Christ the by Limbourg Brothers (ca 1416)
Prophet Muhamad
Religious Italy by Karl Bruloff (1799-1852)
St Stephen's Lapidation
Susanna and the elders

The Seven Deadly Sins by Pieter van der Heyden
Temple of Jerusalem (miniatures)
Tower of Babel construction - manuscript illuminations

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