Hindu deities

Among Hindu deities there are: Vishnu, the supreme god; his avatar, Vasudeva; his third avatar, Varaha; Shiva and his follower Ravana; Kali or Bhairavi.

Entre as divindades Hindus contam-se Vishnu, deus supremo, Vasudeva, seu avatar, Varaha, seu terceiro avatar; Shiva e o seu seguidor Ravana; Kali ou Bhairavi.

Anonymous-'the marriage ceremony of Vasudeva and Devaki the parents of Khrisna'-miniature-1760   London-British Library (ID Add Or. 1811)

Anonymous-'Varaha with Bhu'-miniature-ca 1740   London-British Museum (OA 1966 7-25.01)

Anonymous-'Ravanna golden palace-miniature   London-British Library (ID Add 15297, fol. 27r)

Anonymous-'a woman worship a Shiva linga in a swhrine'-miniature   London-British Library (OA 1973 9-17.03)

Anonymous Punjab School (18th century)-'goddess Kali astride her consort Shiva with attendents and corpses'-miniature   London-Victoria and Albert Museum

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