Prophet Muhamad (Maomé)

He was born in Mecca in 570 and died in Medina in 632 at the age of 62. He belonged to the Hashemites clan. His full name as prophet includes the expression “Abd Allah” or “God’s servant”. Muhammad means “Praiseworthy”. He had a revelation from the Angel Gabriel before composing the Alcoran. After his death his followers split up into two groups: the Sunni and the Shia.

Nasceu em Meca em 570 e faleceu em Medina aos 62 anos em 632. Pertencia ao clã dos Hachemitas. O nome completo do Profeta inclui 'Abd Allah' ou 'servo de Deus'. Muhamad significa 'Louvável'. Recebeu revelação do Anjo Gabriel antes de compor o Alcorão. Após o seu falecimento os seus seguidores cindiram-se em dois grupos: Sunitas e Xiitas.

Turkish unknown-'newly born Mohammed in his mother' arms being shown to his grandfather and Meccans'-miniature San Diego-University of California

Persian unknown (16th century in Fahameh)-'Mohammed splits the Moon'-miniature Washington-The Library of Congress

Turkish unknown (16th century)-'the Angel Gabriel cleansing Mohammed's heart opf impurities in preparing for his ascent to Heaven'-miniature in The Progress of the Prophet

Unknown (Tabriz 1539-1543)-'Mohammed ascending to Paradise astride the miraculous horse Buraq, surrounded by Angels'-miniature London-British Library

Unknown-'the day of the Last Judgment'-miniature Tehran-Reza Abbasi Museum

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