Sugar manufacture in Antigua

The pictures of the American painter William Clark (1770-1838) show the stages of sugar manufacture in the Caribbean island of Antigua, from the stage of planting the sugar cane, till the stage of rum distillation.
Published "ten views in the Island of Antigua, Which depicts the process of sugar manufacture, Thomas Clay, London, 1823."

As gravuras do americano William Clark (1770-1838) mostram as fases de fabrico do açúcar na ilha antilhana de Antígua, desde a fase da plantação da cana à destilação do rum.

William Clark (1770-1838)-'slaves digging the cane-hole'-drawing   London-British Library (Shelfmark: 1786.c.9, plate II)

William Clark (1770-1838)-'slaves planting and tilling land on a plantation'-drawing  London-British Library (Shelfmark: 1786.c.9, plate III)

William Clark (1770-1838)-'the millyard-grinding sugar cane in a windmill'-drawing  London-British Library (Shelfmark: 1786.c.9, plate V)

William Clark (1770-1838)-'the boiling-house'-drawing  London-British Library (Shelfmark: 1786.c.9, plate VII)

William Clark (1770-1838)-'curring-house and stills'-drawing  London-British Library (Shelfmark: 1786.c.9, plate VIII)

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