Breakfast (pequeno-almoço)

As the first meal of the day, it should be taken in an atmosphere of relaxation and not in a rush. The type of food consumed depends largely on the season, on the colder or more tropical climate, and on the historical period.

Como primeira refeição do dia, deveria ser tomada em ambiente de descontracção e não em correria. O tipo de alimentos consumidos depende muito da estação do ano, do clima mais frio ou mais tropical e do período histórico.
Hanna Pauli (1864-1940)-'breakfast-time'-oil on canvas-1887 Stockholm-National museum

John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) - 'breakfast in the loggia' - oil on canvas - 1910 Washington-Smithsonian Institution

Edmund Charles Tarbell (1862-1938)-'breakfast on the piazza'-oil on canvas1902 Private collection

Louis Ritman (1889-1963)-'dormitory breakfast'-oil on canvas-1929

William Hoggarth (1697-1764)-'shortly after the marriage'-oil on canvas-1743 London-National Gallery

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