União Soviética na II Grande Guerra (1941) (Soviet Union in World War II 1941)

Quando os militares da Europa Ocidental invadem a Rússia diz-se que o Inverno é um dos seus melhores generais do país ocupado. Os militares de ambas as partes sofreram muito em 1941 com as baixas temperaturas, como assinalam diversos pintores da União Soviética.

They say that when the militaries of Western Europe invaded Russia, winter was one of his best generals of the occupied country. The military of both sides suffered greatly in 1941 with the low temperatures, as several Soviet Union painters pointed out.

M. Samsonov-''sister-1941

B. Tarelkin-'comrades'-1941

V. Bogatkin-'on approaches to Moscow'-1941

N. Prisekin-'our cause is just'-1941

F. Usipenko-'enemy has been stopped'-1941

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