Inverno Russo (Russian Winter)

O rigor do 'General Inverno' sentido na Federação Russa encontra-se bem documentado nestas imagens de alguns dos seus pintores. Não impede, contudo, os seus cidadãos de fazerem a sua vida normal (trabalho, viagens, diversão) ainda que com limitações.

The hardness of the 'General Winter' felt in the Russian Federation is well documented in these pictures of some of its painters. However, it doesn’t prevent its citizens from making their normal life (work, travels, and entertainment) in spite of the limitations.

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky (1817-1900)-'little Russian ox cart in winter'-oil on canvas-1866 Private collection

Boris Kustodiew (1872-1927)-'Maslemtsa'-oil on canvas

Alexey Savrasov (1830-1897)-'the rooks have come'-oil on canvas-1871 Moscow-The Tretyakov Gallery

Vsevolod Vyacheslavovich Ivanov (1895-1963)-'winter'-oil on canvas

Yuri Aleksandrovich Sergeyev (1926- )-'winter-troika'-oil on canvas-2001

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