Pintura chinesa (Chinese painting)

A pintura dos artistas plásticos da China pertence à cultura milenar deste imenso e importante país do Extremo Oriente. Tem identidade muito própria quer a nível asiático, quer ocidental.

The painting by Chinese plastic artists is part of the millenary culture of this huge and important Far East country. It has a very unique identity when compared to the Western or Asian worlds.

Anonymous (1-3th century)-'two gentlemen engrossed in conversation while two other look on'-painting on a ceramic tile from a tomb

Chou Fang (8th century)-'women in the game'

Chang-Sheng-Wen (12th century)-'teaching of Sakyamuni Budha'-ink on silk-1173-1176

Ma Lin (13th century)-'the wind in the pines, listening'-ink on silk-1246 Taiwan-Palace collection

Li Shan (18th century)-'pine. three stones and wisteria'

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