Química toxicológica (Toxicological Chemistry)

São dezenas as plantas mais usuais para fins criminosos ou recreativos. Actuam sobre diversos sistemas do organismo humano onde provocam danos por vezes irreversíveis. Existem inúmeros sais minerais tóxicos.

There are dozens of plants frequently used for criminal or recreational purposes. They act upon various systems of the human body sometimes causing irreversible damages. There are innumerable toxic mineral salts.

Jan Matejko (1838-1893)-'poisoning at Bari of Poland queen Bona Sforza (1493-1557)-oil on canvas-1859

Unknown-'Xochipilli-the Prince of Flowers'-statue Ciudad de Mexico-Museo Nacional de Antropologia

Salvador Dalí (1904-1989)-'the hallucinogenic toreador'-oil on canvas-1970 St Petersburg (Florida)-Salvador Dali Museum

Evelyn Pickering de Morgan (1855-1919)-'the love potion'-oil on canvas-1903

Wilhelm Schubert van Ehrenberg (ca 1630-1676)-'Ulysses at the palace of Circe'-oil on canvas-1667 Malibu-J. Paul Morgan Museum

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