Insanity (Insânia)

Insanity was considered a disorder or disturbance as the result of mental illness. The Greeks called it 'mania'. William Shakespeare referred to insanity stating: “current misery: madmen lead the blind”.

Consideram a insânia como transtorno ou distúrbio resultante de doença mental. Os gregos chamavam-lhe 'mania'. William Shakespeare pronunciou-se assim «infelicidade actual: os loucos guiam os cegos».

Pieter van der Heyden (ca 1530-1575)-'the sailing scale'-enghraving-1562 Liège-University Art Collection

Jacob Goltzius (ca 1535-1609)-'a fool pouring the content of a barrel into a goblet held by a young man'-engraving-ca 1600

Pieter Janszoon (1638-1678)-'a fool'-engraving

Nicolaus Alexander Mair von Landhut (ca 1450-1504)-'women and fools'-woodcut

Lucas van Leyden (1494-1533)-'a fool and a woman'-engraving-1520

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