Forgotten past (Passado esquecido)

God was philosophically killed, but believers continue to find him everywhere. The rich lived in castles; Chantilly was a place for recreation: in Visegrad, Bela IV (14th century) fought against the Mongol invasion. Every work was dignifying.

Filosoficamente mataram Deus, mas os crentes continuam a encontrá-lo em qualquer lado. Os ricos viviam em castelos; era de recreio o de Chantilly: no de Visegrad opôs-se Bela IV (séc. XIV) à invasão Mongol. Todo o trabalho era dignificante.

Carl Haag (1820-1915)-'la illah ill Alla (there is no God but God)'-watercolour over pencil on paper-1875

Jean-Baptiste Lallemand (1716-1803)-'Chantilly castle in the 18th, after works by the Condes' -gouache Chantilly-Musée Condé

Antal Ligeti (1823-1890)-'Visegrad'-oil on canvas-1860

Gaetano Chierici (1838-1920)-'the mask'-oil on canvas-1877 Private collection

Iszák Perlmutter (1866-1932)-'women husking pea'-oil on canvas1906 Budapest-Hungarian National Gallery

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