Housework (Trabalhos caseiros)

Lower social classes have always performed their housework with the help of several family members.

Em todos os tempos as classes sociais menos favorecidas executaram os seus trabalhos caseiros com recurso aos diversos familiares.

Albert Samuel Anker (1831-1910)-'queen Bertha and the spinners'-oil on canvas-1888

Albert Samuel Anker (1831-1910)-'industrious'-'die Arbeitsamen' oil on canvas-1883

Albert Samuel Anker (1831-1910)-'kids breakfast'-'kinderfrüstück' oil on canvas

Albert Samuel Anker (1831-1910)-'girl chicken feedings'-'Mädchen hühner fütternd' oil on canvas

Albert Samuel Anker (1831-1910)-'knitting girl'-'strickendes Mädchen vor Fensternisches'-aquarell Private collection

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