Navis plenis velis

The Merchant Navy, fleets and pirates’ ships have long stories to tell, which painters of various nationalities have used as inspiration in their works.

A marinha mercante, a armada e os navios de piratas têm longas histórias para contar que os pintores das várias nacionalidades vão aproveitando para as suas obras.

Diego Homem (16th century)-'two galleons fighting'-oil on canvas

Francisco de Zurbarán (1598-1664)-'defence of Cadiz against the English'-oil on canvas-1634 Madrid-Museo del Prado

Hendrick Corneliszoon Vroom (1566-1640)-'Dutch ships ramming galleys of the Flemish coast in October 1602'-oil on canvas-1617 Amsterdam-Rijksmuseum

Jan Karel Donatus van Beecq (1638-1722)-'Port St Jacques in Cuba Island' copper plate engraving

Howard Pyle (1853-1904)-'pirates attacking a Spanish galleon in the West Indies'-oil on canvas Private-collection

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