St. Petersburg Central Naval Museum

The Museum gathers approximately ten thousand pieces of important Russian naval history since Peter the Great. It displays about five thousand paintings of various artists including naval officers.

O museu reúne no seu espólio aproximadamente dez mil peças importantes da história naval Russa desde Pedro, o Grande. Exibe cerca de cinco mil pinturas de artistas diversos incluindo oficiais da marinha.

Robert Kerr Porter (1777-1842)-'capture of Azov (18th May 1696) in the Russo-Turkish war (1686-1700)'-oil on canvas

Aleksey Danilovich Kivshenko (1851-1895)-'Council calling Michael F. Romanov (1596-1645) to the Reign'-oil on canvas-1880

Konstantin Alexandrovich Westchilov (1877-1945)-'cruiser Askold fighting on July 28th 1904 in the Yellow Sea'-oil on canvas-1906

Sergei Varlenovich Pen-'Empress Catherina II (1729-1796) in naval full dress'-oil on canvas1898

Johann Gau (1685-1732)-'view of Revel, the harbour and the Russian coast artillery'-oil on canvas

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