Agrigento - Pagan temples (Templos pagãos)

On the outskirts of Agrigento there is a valley with ruins of the following temples: Demeter, Hephaistos, Dioscuri, Jupiter, Aesculapius, Hercules, Concord, and Juno.

Nos arredores de Agrigento existe um vale com ruínas destes templos: Demeter, Hefaístos, Dioscuros, Jupiter, Esculápio, Hércules, Concórdia, Juno.

Franz Kaisermann (1765-1833)-'the ruins of the temple of Concorde. Agrigento'

Edward Lear (1812-1888)-'temple. Agrigento'

Luigi Mayer (1755-1803)-'temple of Esculapius. Agrigento' London-Sir John Soane Museum

George Howard (1843-1911)-'temple of Juno Lacina. Agrigento'-oil on panel Private collection

Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes (1750-1819)-'Agrigento'-1787 Paris-Musée du Louvre

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