John Singleton Copley and the USA

The American painter John Singleton Copley (1733-1815) was concerned with issues related to the independence the USA. A statue of Copley was erected in Copley Square in Boston.

O pintor americano John Singleton Copley (1733-1815) preocupou-se com temas relacionados com a independência dos EUA. Possui estátua na Praça Copley em Boston.

John Singleton Copley (1733-1815)-'the siege and relief of Gibraltar, 13 September 1782 (the defeat of the floating batteries at Gibraltar)'-oil on canvas-ca 1783 London-Tate Gallery

John Singleton Copley (1733-1815)-'death of the Major Peirsons'-oil on canvas-ca (1782-1784) London-Tate Gallery

John Singleton Copley (1733-1815)-'the victory of Lord Duncan aka surrender of the Dutch Admiral DeWinter to Admiral Duncan, 11 October 1797 (battle of Camperdown)'-oil on canvas-(1798-1799) Edinburgh-National Gallery of Scotland

John Singleton Copley (1733-1815)-'the collapse of the Earl of Chatham (William Pitt) in the house of Lords (11 May 1778)'-oil on canvas London-Tate Gallery

John Singleton Copley (1733-1815)-'John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) (six President, 1825-1829)'-oil on canvas-1796

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