Mosque (Mesquita)

The word mosque seems to derive from the Arabic word “masjid” through the Spanish “mosque”. It is intended to welcome the faithful Muslims for their prayers and community meetings. Mosques display the most expressive forms of Islamic architecture characterized by domes and towers (minarets).

O vocábulo Mesquita parece derivar da palavra Árabe “masjid” por intermédio da Espanhola mezquita. Destina-se a acolher os fiéis Muçulmanos para as suas preces e reuniões comunitárias. Apresentam as formas mais expressivas da arquitectura Islâmica caracterizadas pelas cúpulas e torres (minaretes).

Auguste Borget (1808-1877)-'an Indian Mosque on the Hooghly river near Calcutta'-oil on canvas-1846 Private collection

Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904)-'young Greeks at the Mosque'-oil on panel-1865 Minneapolis (Minnesota)-Institute of Arts

Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904)-'public prayer in the Mosque of Amr, Cairo'-oil on canvas-1870 Private collection

Charalampos Laskaris (1950- )-'Istanbul. Blue Mosque'-oil on canvas

al-Hariri Maqamat-'interior of a Mosque'-ca 1240 St Ptetersbug-Institute of Oriental Studies (Ms Iraq)

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