French Miniatures (Iluminuras)

This type of painting was used extensively as decoration of manuscripts from convents, chronicles and others.

Este tipo de pintura utilizou-se largamente como elemento decorativo de manuscritos de conventos, de crónicas e outros.

Unknown (ca 1490)-'Diogenes and Crates of Thebes'-miniature pergament Chantilly-Musée Condé (Ms 297 Jacques Legrand in Livre des bonnes moeurs-book of good manners)

Unknown (ca 1490)-'how the knights must govern'-miniature Chantilly-Musée Condé (Ms 297, folio 93v Jacques Legrand in Livre des bonnes moeurs)

Unknown (15th century)-'Cybele, Numa Pompilio, Egeria'-miniature Saint Augustine in Opera Omnia

Jean Fouquet (1420-1481)-'capture of Jerusalem by Herod the Great in 36 BC'-miniature Paris-Bibliothèque National de France (Flavius Josèphe in Les Antiquités Judaïques livre XV- Ms. NAF 21013, folio 1v)

Unknown (1110-1120)-'knight attacking a dragon'-miniature Dijon-Bibliothèque Municipale Ms 173, fol.20 (St Gregory the Great in Moralia sive exposito in Job)

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