National Gallery of Art, Washington

American and European painters, as well as paintings displayed at the National Gallery of Art, Washington (DC) are the most representative of the plastic arts world.

Os pintores americanos e europeus, assim como as pinturas expostas na Galeria de Arte de Washington (DC), são das mais representativas do universo das artes plásticas.

Winslow Homer (1836-1910)-'breezing up (a fair wind)'-oil on canvas-(1873-1876)

Jacques-Louis David (1748-1825)-''the Emperor Napoleon in his study at the Tuileries -oil on canvas-1812

Giovanni Bellini (ca 1430-1516) and Tiziano Vecellio (ca 1490-1576)-'the feast of the gods'-oil on canvas-(1514-1529)

William Blake (1757-1827)-'the great red dragon and the beast from the sea'-pen and watercolor-1805

George Inness (1825-1894)-'Lackawanna valley'-oil on canvas-ca 1855

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