Antigone and Oedipus (Antígona e Édipo)

Sophocles (5th century BC) left his version of the myth of Antigone, Oedipus and Jocasta’s incestuous daughter, as tragic example of paternal and fraternal love.

Sófocles (séc. V aC) deixou a sua versão do mito de Antígona, filha incestuosa de Édipo e Jocasta, como exemplo trágico de amor paternal e fraternal.

Camille-Félix Bellanger (1853-1923)-'Antigone and Oedipus'-oil on canvas Private collection

Nikiforos Lytras (1832-1904)-'Antigone in front of the dead Polynices'-oil on canvas-1865 Athens-National Gallery of Greece and Alexandros Soutzos Museum

Jean Baptiste Hugues (1849-1930)-'Oedipus at Colonus'-group in marble Paris-Musée d' Orsay

Fulchran-Jean Harriet (1776-1805)-'Oedipus at Colonus'-oil on canvas-1798 Cleveland-Museum of Art

Jean-Antoine-Théodore Giroust (1753-1817)-'Oedipus at Colonus'-oil on canvas-1788 Dallas-Museum of Art

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