Illuminations (Iluminuras)

This type of medieval painting intended to illustrate all sorts of manuscripts became a source of study of the history and customs of the time.

Este tipo de pintura medieval destinado a ilustrar toda a espécie de manuscritos tornou-se fonte de estudo da história e dos costumes da época.
Unknown (15th century)-'the French King at court'-tempera colors and gold paints on parchment-(1460-1470) Malibu-J. Paul Getty Museum (the story of two lovers, French Ms 68, fol. 1)

Unknown (15th century)-'the destruction of Jerusalem (Titus)'- tempera colors and gold leaf on parchment ca 1415 Malibu-J. Paul Getty Museum (concerning the fates of illustrous men and women, French Ms 63, fol. 237)

Unknown (13th century)-'the forest'-ca 1230 München-Staatbibliothek (Codex Latinus Monacensis Ms 4660 Carmina Burana)

Unknown (15th century)-'Chaucer reading to Richard II Troilus and Cressida'-ca 1415 Cambridge-Corpus Christi College (Ms 61, fol. 1v)

Unknown (14th century)-'bloodletting'-miniature Lisboa-Biblioteca da Ajuda (Aldebrande of Florence in Medical Treatise, 1353, folio 19r)

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