Brygos - potter and painter (V century BC)

Brygos, the Athenian potter and painter left wonderful works that allow a good observation of middle-class life of his time (V century BC).

O ceramista e pintor ateniense Brygos deixou belíssimas obras que permitem boa observação da vida da classe média do seu tempo (séc.
V aC).

Brygos-potter and painter-'aulos player'-attic red-figure kylix-ca 490 BC-Vulci Paris-Musée du Louvre (CA 598)

Brygos-potter and painter-'Briseis and Phoenix (commonly) or Hecamede mixing kykeon for Nestor (minority)'- attic red-figure cup-ca 490 BC-Vulci Paris-Musée du Louvre (G 152)

Brygos painter-'symposium scene: a reclining youth holds an aulos in one hand and gives another one to a female dancer'-attic red-figure kylix-(490-480 BC)-Vulci London-British Museum (E 68)

Brygos painter-'woman with a lire near an altar'-attic red-figure kylix-ca 480 BC Paris -Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Cabinet de Médailles 575)

Brygos painter-'Zeuxo pours wine to Chrysippo'-attic red-figure kylix-(490-480 BC)-Capua London-British Museum (E 65)

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