Volubilis roman marble floor mosaics (3rd century AD)

This Roman city in northern Morocco was founded during the reign of Emperor Caligula on Carthaginian ruins. It was badly damaged by the earthquake that destroyed Lisbon in 1755. Archaeological excavations began in 1915. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

Esta cidade romana do norte de Marrocos ergueu-se no reinado do Imperador Calígula sobre ruínas cartaginesas. Ficou muito danificada durante o terramoto que destruiu Lisboa em 1755. As escavações arqueológicas iniciaram-se em 1915. Tornou-se Património Mundial da Unesco em 1995.
Unknown-'acrobat'-mosaic-house of Acrobat

Unknown-'Amphition's chariot'-house of Amphition

Unknown-'goddess Diana leaves her bath'-house of Venus

Unknown-'sea monsters (creatures)'-house of Orpheus

Unknown-'seasons of the year'-house of the Bacchus and Four seasons

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