Hannibal crosses the Alps

The German painter Alfred Rethel (1816-1859) dedicated six of his drawings to the theme of Hannibal crossing the Alps. Hannibal was a Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps in 217 BC during the second Punic War. It lasted for 14 days in October. (Freien Lehrervereinigung für Künstpflege, Verlag von Josef Scholz, Mainz 1907)

O pintor alemão Alfred Rethel (1816-1859) dedicou seis das suas gravuras à travessia dos Alpes por Aníbal, general cartaginês, em 217 aC, durante a II Guerra Púnica. Decorreu durante 14 dias do mês de Outubro.

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'Hannibal prepares to cross the Swiss Alps'-drawing

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'Crossing the river Durance (ancient Druento) in southeastern France'-drawing

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'Storm in crossing the Alps'-drawing

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'Fighting the elements in cold region'-drawing

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'View of alpine glaciers in the Punic War'-drawing

Alfred Rithel (1816-1859)-'Hannibal looks at Italy's highest mountain'-drawing

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