Education and learning are the basis of the current and future technological societies. Without them there is neither development nor progress.

O ensino encontra-se na base das sociedades tecnológicas actuais e futuras. Sem ele não há desenvolvimento nem progresso.

Francisco Manuel Oller y Cestero (1833-1917)-'student'-oil on canvas   Paris-Musée d' Orsay

Unknown-'teacher with two pupils, school scene'-relief on a stele-2-3th   Trier-Rheinischer Landesmuseum

unknown (14th century)-'a teacher with a book and disciples'-miniature   Altenburg (Austria)-Kloster der benedktiner (cover of a Latin vocabulary of a Monastery school)

Thomas Webster (1800-1886)-'a dame's school'-oil on mahogany-1885   London-Tate Gallery

Adriaen Janszoon Hendrick or van Ostade (1600-1685)-'the schoolmaster'-oil on wood-1662   Paris-Musée du Louvre

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