Vienna revolution

March 1848
The Revolution of 1848 centered in Vienna, seat of the Habsburg Empire, took place between March and October. The confrontations were sometimes violent. Over the last few days the minister of war was hung near the imperial palace and the National Library was burned. On 13th March, after 30 years in power, Prince Klemensvon Metternich was dismissed from his prime minister post by the Emperor Ferdinand I.

A revolução de 1848 centralizada em Viena, sede do Império dos Habsburgos, decorreu entre Março e Outubro. Os confrontos foram por vezes violentos. Nos últimos dias enforcaram o ministro da guerra perto do palácio imperial e incendiaram a Biblioteca Nacional. Depois de 30 anos no poder o Imperador Ferdinand I demitiu o Príncipe Klemens von Metternich do cargo de primeiro-ministro a 13 de Março.

J. Albrecht-'soldiers disperse demonstrating crowds in front of the Lower Austrian Diet in Vienna on March 13, 1848-coloured lithograph   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Johann Christian Schöller (1782-1851)-'caricature of the role of Chancellor Metternich during the revolution of 1848'    Wien-Furst Metternich Palast

Franz Kaliwoda ( -1859)-'storm on the factory at Granichstaetten in Vienna, March 14, 1848'-watercolour, pen and sepia   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Anonymous-'evening on March 15, 1848 in Vienna'-lithograph-19th century   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Anonymous-'the popular poet Friedrich Kaiser reading out the Constitution on March 15, 1848 in Vienna'-hand-coloured lithograph-19th century   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

Franz Gaul (1837-1907)-'a group of armed railways, led by a student of the Academic League, on their way to the center of Vienna, May 26, 1848'-watercolour   Wien-Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien

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