The Harpies were avenging evil spirits. Podarge appears in the Iliad (XVI, 150) as the mother of the wind Zephyr.

As Hárpias eram espíritos malignos vingadores. A Podarge surge na Ilíada (XVI; 150) como mãe do vento Zéfiro.

Matthäus Merian the younger (1621-1687)-'Harpies' in Ulisse Aldovandri; Monstruorum historia, Bologna (1643)

Attr. Kleophrades painter-'Phineus and the Harpy'-attic-(red-figure)-(hydria-kalpis)-ca 480 BC   Malibu-J. Paul Getty (Malibu 85 AE 316)

Unknown painter-'Boreads and the Harpy'-laconian-(black-figure)-kylix-ca 550 BC   Roma-Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia

Leninegrad painter-'Phineus and the Boreads'-attic-(red-figure)-column krater-ca 460 BC-Altamura   Paris-Musée du Louvre (G 364)

Phineus painter-'Boreads pursuing the Harpies'-chlacidians-(black-figure)-eye cup-(530-520 BC)-Vulci   Würzburg-Martin von Wagner Museum (L 164)

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