Ischia Island

Ischia Island is one of the most interesting islands in the Gulf of Naples. It has long been famous for its spas in Casamicciola.

Uma das mais interessantes ilhas do Golfo de Nápoles, desde há muito famosa pelas termas de Casamicciola.

James Webb (1825-1895)-'Ischia'-oil on canvas

William Clarkson Stanfield (1793-1867)-'the castle of Ischia'-oil on canvas

Antonio Joli (1700-1777)-'view of the bay of Pozzuoli with the port of Baia, the island of Nisida, Procida, Ischia and Capri'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Sylvester Feodosyevich Shchendrin (1791-1830)-'small bay in Sorrento with the view of island Ischia and Procida'-oil on canvas-1826   Moscow-Tretyakov Gallery  

Giovanni Ospitali (1927- )'-chiesa del Soccorso, Ischia'-oil on canvas-2008

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