Political and social problems in the USA

Social and political problems are always harder to solve than personal ones. Therefore it is preponderant the effective functioning of public opinion. Without it there is no progress in various fields.

Os problemas sociais e políticos são sempre mais difíceis de resolver que os pessoais. Por essa razão é preponderante o funcionamento eficaz da opinião pública. Sem ela não existe progresso nos diversos campos.

William Aiken Walker (1839-1921)-'cotton picker'-oil on panel   Private collection

William Aiken Walker (1839-1921)-'bombardment of Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina-oil on canvas-1886   Charleston-Gibbes Museum of Art

Louis Kurz (1833-1921)-'Chicago University'   from Chicago Illustrated (1866)

Benjamin West (1738-1820)-'Benjamin Franklin and his kite'-oil on canvas

Benjamin West (1738-1820)-'the treaty of Penn with the Indians-oil on canvas-(1771-1772)   Philadelphia-Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

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