Richard II of England (1367-1400)

He ascended the throne at the age of 10. For this reason he was tutored by John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster. They had Richard II replaced by Henry IV, an event that would lead to the “war of the roses”. His performance as King, the last from the Plantagenet dynasty, served as the theme to one of William Shakespeare’s plays.

Ascendeu ao trono com 10 anos. Por essa razão teve como tutor João de Gant, duque de Lencastre. Substituíram Ricardo II por Henrique IV, acontecimento que daria origem à “guerra das rosas”. A sua actuação como rei, último da dinastia Plantageneta, serviu de tema a drama de William Shakespeare.

Unknown-'Richard II and the Royal Council'-miniature-(1400-1450) London-British Library-Harley Ms 4431, f.115v

Unknown-'Richard II meets his new bride'-miniature-15th century London-British Library-Harley Ms 4380, f 89 from Jean Froissart; Chronique

Unknown-'a challenge to a duel, king Richard II sits on a throne'-miniature London-British Library-Harley Ms 4380, f. 141

Unknown-'Richard II renounces his throne (1399)'-miniature   London-British Library-Harley Ms 1319, f. 53v from Jean Creton; Histoire du roy d' Angleterre

Unknown-'coronation of Henry IV, 1399'-miniature   London-British Library-Harley Ms 4380, f 186v from Jean Froissart; Chronique

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