Copenhagen by Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)

Some consider that the term “Copenhagen” derives from the word that means “port of the merchants” due to its location on an island situated in the passage from the North Sea to the Baltic. The Danish artist Paul Gustave Fischer (1860-1934) represented some of its main sites.

Há quem considere que a palavra “Copenhague” deriva do vocábulo que significa “porto dos comerciantes”, devido à sua localização numa ilha situada na passagem do Mar do Norte para o Báltico. O pintor Dinamarquês Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934) representou alguns dos seus principais locais.

Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)-'a winter's day on Kongens Nitorv'-oil on canvas-1888

Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)-'ved Gamel Strand'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)-'a City Square'-oil on canvas

Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)-'the Storkespringvandet in Amagertov'-oil on canvas

Paul Gustave Fisher (1860-1934)-'Bredgade'-oil on canvas

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