Tric-trac game

The Tric-trac game appeared in France around 1500. Its rules have undergone major changes and at the time of Louis XIV it was divided into large and small Tric-trac. The backgammon equipment is used because it is a variant of this game.

O jogo Tric-trac apareceu em França por volta de 1500. As suas regras sofreram importantes mudanças e no tempo de Luís XIV dividiu-se em grande e pequeno Tric-trac. Utilizam o equipamento do Gamão por ser uma variante deste jogo.

Judith Leyster (1609-1660)-'Tric-trac game'-oil on panel-ca 1630   Worcester-Art Museum

Dirck Hals (1591-1656)-'Tric-trac players in an interior'-oil on canvas  Private collection

Jan Havickszoon Steen (ca 1626-1679)-'Tric-trac players'-oil on panel   St Petersburg-Hermitage

Willem Corneliszoon Duyster (1599-1635)-'official playing Tric-trac'-oil on wood-ca 1630   St Petersburg-Hermitage

Mathieu Le Nain (1607-1677)-'Tric-trac game'-oil on canvas

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