Penelope’s suitors

In the Odyssey, Ulysses/Odysseus spends most of his time with Circe and Calypso while Penelope is waiting for him. In the last three years before Odysseus’s return, Penelope was faced with the constant presence of 108 suitors for her hand. In the Homeric age (8th century BC) the law in force was the survival of the fittest. So applicants imposed their will before the arrival of the owner of the house, although eventually they ended up crushed by him.

Ulisses/Odisseus passa, na Odisseia, a maior parte do tempo, com Circe e Calipso enquanto Penélope espera por ele. Nos últimos três anos antes do regresso de Ulisses viu-se confrontada com a presença constante de 108 pretendentes à sua mão. Na época homérica (séc. VIII aC) vigorava a lei do mais forte. Assim os pretendentes impuseram a sua vontade antes da chegada do dono da casa e acabaram massacrados por ele.

Bernardino di Betto or Pinturicchio (1454-1513)-'Penelope at loom and her suitors'-oil on canvas   London-National Gallery

Unknown painter (5th century)-'death's of Penelope's suitors'-attic, red-figure, skyphos   Berlin-Staat Museen Antikensammlung (2588)

John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)-'Penelope and the suitors'-oil on canvas-1912   Aberdeen-Art Gallery and Museums

Lovis  Corinth (1858-1925)-'Odysseus in the fight with the beggar'-oil on canvas-1903   Prague-National Gallery

Angelica Kauffmann (1741-1807)-'Penelope weeping over the bow of Ulysses'-oil on canvas-ca 1779   Wolverhampton (UK)-Arts and Museums

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