In less technologically developed societies prior to industrial mechanization, women took advantage of their free time to spin wool and linen manually in order to use yarn to make fabrics on hand looms.

Nas sociedades tecnologicamente menos desenvolvidas em épocas anteriores à mecanização industrial as mulheres aproveitavam as horas de lazer para fiar à mão a lã e o linho destinados ao fabrico de tecidos nos teares manuais.

Cuzco School (18th century)-'the Child Mary spinning'-oil on canvas   Lima (Peru)-Museo Pedro de Osma

Jean Fouquet (1420-1481)-'Saint Margaret and the prefect Olybrius'-miniature-1445    Paris-Musée du Louvre (Les Heures de'Étienne Chevalier, Ms 71)

Franz Richard Unterberger (1838-1902)-'in the bay of Naples'-oil on canvas-1902

Isaac Claeszoon van Swanenburgh (1537-1614)-'workers spining and wearing wool'-oil on wood-ca 1600   Leiden-Stedelijk Museum 'De Lakenhal'

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau (1844-1910)-'landscape with bull'-oil on canvas   Philadelphia-Museum of Art

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