Tournaments by Jost Amman (1539-1591)

Tournaments were cavalry competitions in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (12th to 16th centuries). They included several kinds of martial games. Jost Amman’s engravings were incorporated in the work of Turnierbuch [Frankfurt am Main (1578-1579)] by Georg Rüxner.

Os torneios eram competições de cavalaria que na Idade Média e Renascença (séc. XII-XVI) compreendiam variados tipos de jogos marciais. As gravuras de Jost Amman foram incluídas na obra de Turnierbuch [Frankfurt am Main (1578-1579)] de Georg Rüxner.

Jost Amman (1539-1591)-'departure for the tournament'-colorized woodcut-(1578-1579)

Jost Amman (1539-1591)-'an tournament'-colorized woodcut-(1578-1579)

Jost Amman (1539-1591)-'an tournament in Vienna'-colorized woodcut-(1578-1579)

Jost Amman (1539-1591)-'tournament of the Emperor Maximilian I'-colorized woodcut-(1578-1579)   Basel-Öffenliche Kunstsammlung

Jost Amman (1539-1591)-'punishment at tournament for breaking the rules'-woodcut

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