Turkish Siege of Belgrade 1456

The Madrid Skylitzes manuscript shows that the Arabs sacked Thessalonica in 904. It would be occupied by the Ottomans in 1430. The Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople in 1453. From 4 to July 22, he besieged the city of Serbia Nandorfehervar (now Belgrade) to try to subdue the Kingdom of Hungary, but he was defeated. They only entered the city on August 28, 1521.

O manuscrito Madrid Skylitzes mostra que os Árabes saquearam Tessalónica em 904. Seria ocupada pelos Otomanos em 1430. O Sultão Otomano Mehmed II conquistou Constantinopla em 1453. De 4 a 22 de julho sitiou a cidade Sérvia de Nandorfehervar (atual Belgrado) para tentar subjugar o Reino da Hungria, mas acabou vencido. Só entraram na cidade a 28 de Agosto de 1521.

Hungarian unknown (19th century)-'battle of Nandorfehervar with Saint Giovanni da Capristano'-oil on canvas
Hungarian unknown (19th century)-' hero Titus Dugovics'-oil on canvas

Unknown-'siege of Belgrade 1456'-miniature

Unknown-'siege of Belgrade 1456'-miniature   Istanbul-Topkapi Szeraj Muzeumban 

Unknown-'Sultan Mehmed leads his army towards fortress of Belgrade in 1456'-miniature   Istanbul-Hunername Ms

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