Gigantomachy is the battle between the Olympian Gods and the Giants, the sons of Ge (the primitive Mother Earth) when they sought to invade Olympus to settle in the high pantheon of Greek mythology.

Por Gigantomaquia entende-se a batalha travada entre os deuses olímpicos e os gigantes, filhos de Ge (primitiva Terra-Mãe), quando estes pretenderam invadir o Olimpo para se instalarem no panteão cimeiro da mitologia Grega.

Unknown (5th century BC)-'Dionysus fighting a giant during the Gigantomachy'-attic-(red-figure)-pelike-Nola-ca 460 BC   Paris-Musée du Louvre (G 434)

Manner of the Lysippides painter (6th century BC)-'Hermes (or Phobos) and Ares in a chariot, Athena next to them, trampled giant'-attic-(black figure)-amphora-Vulci-530 BC   München-Staatliche Antikensammlungen (Munich 1553)

Swing painter (6th century BC)-'Poseidon fighting the giant Polybotes during the Gigantomachy'-attic-(black figure)-amphora-(540-530 BC)   Paris-Musée du Louvre (F 226)

Manner of the Pronomos painter (6th century BC)-'Ares and Dioskouroi attack the giants'-(red-figure)-pelike-Tanagra   Athens-National Museum

Painter of the Paris (5th century BC)-'Poseidon fighting Polybotes'-attic-(red-figure)-kilix-Vulci-(475-470 BC)   Paris-BNF (cabinet des Médailles) (cdm 573)

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