Hindu temples at Bhuvaneswar

The city of Bhuvaneswar, capital of the Indian state of Orissa, situated in the eastern peninsula of Hindustan, has a temple of Hindu religion which exhibits a remarkable architectural value.

A cidade de Bhuvaneswar, capital do Estado Indiano de Orissa, situado no leste da Península do Hindustão, possui templo da religião Hindu de assinalável valor arquitetónico.

Unknown-'general views of temples at Bhuvaneswar (Orissa), July 1820-watercolor'
London-British Library

Unknown-'Bhuvaneswar, the temple City of Siva'-engraving-ca 1830

Thomas Colmar Dibdin (1810-1893) after James Ferguson (1808-1886)-'great temple Bobaneswar'-lithography-ca 1850   from James Ferguson; Picturesque illustrations of ancient architecture of Hindustan

Alexandre de Bar (19th century)-'the great temple of Bhuvaneshwara'-engraving-1869
From Revue 'Le Tour du Monde'

Alexandre de Bar (19th century)-'temples of Bhovaneshwar'-1892   in W. W. Birdsall; The world: its cities and peoples

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