Death of Archimedes of Syracuse

Archimedes of Syracuse (287-212 BC) has been considered one of the greatest mathematicians in the world. He invented war machines to defend his city during the siege of the Romans. Despite orders given to Roman soldiers to keep Archimedes alive, he was stabbed to death by one of them.

Arquimedes de Siracusa (287-212 BC) tem sido considerado um dos maiores matemáticos mundiais, inventou máquinas de guerra para defesa da sua cidade durante o cerco dos Romanos. Apesar de haver ordens para não matar Arquimedes, este morreu apunhalado por um soldado inimigo.

Giovanni Battista Langetti (1635-1676)-'Archimedes with allegorical figures of war and peace'-oil on canvas   Private collection

Sebastiano Ricci (1659-1734)-'the refusal of Archimedes'-oil on canvas   Hannover Staats Museum

Unknown-'death of Archimedes'-engraving   in Giovanni Maria Mazzuchelli (1707-1765); Notizie istoriche e critiche intorno alla vita, alle invenzioni, ed agli scritti di Archimede Siracusano

Gustave Courtois (1853-1923)-'death of Archimedes'-engraving
Unknown-'the last hour of Archimedes'-engraving   in Charlotte Mary Yonge; a pictorial history of the world's great Nations from the earliest dates to the present time, vol. I, pg. 266

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