The execution of religious leaders, thinkers, politicians, kings, occurred with some frequency. Some underwent more or less doubtful procedures, others were simply slaughtered.

A execução de dirigentes religiosos, pensadores, políticos, reis, ocorreu com alguma frequência. Uns tiveram processos mais ou menos duvidosos, outros foram simplesmente abatidos.

Julien Le Blant (1851-1936)-'execution of the General François Charette (1763-1796), Place Viarmes in Nantes, Mars 1796'

Julien Le Blant (1851-1936)-'execution of the General Maurice D'Elbée severely wounded at the battle of Cholet in 1793   Noirmoutier-Musée

Antonio Gisbert Pérez (1834-1901)-'the execution of Torrijos and his companions'-1886

Anonymous (17th century)-'beheading of Charles I of England (1649) outside of Banqueting house, Whitehall, London'-print

Paul Delaroche (1797-1859)-'the execution of Lady Jane Grey'-oil on canvas-1833   London-National Gallery

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