Alongside the Hindu customs and monuments, in this great country there are some elements that attest the Muslim and English dominations.

A par dos costumes e monumentos Hindus, ficaram neste grande país elementos que atestam as dominações Muçulmana e Inglesa.

Sir Charles D'Oyly (1781-1845)-'view of Serampore road'-hand coloured lithograph-1844   London-British Library (views of Calcutta)

Mir Kalan Khan (19th century)-'village life in Kashmir'-ca 1760   London-British Library (Ms Add Or 3)

William Simpson (19th century)-'an Indian woman floating lamp on the Ganges'-chromolitograph-1867   London-British Library

James Ferguson (19th century)-'palace at Boondee (Bundi)'-1848   London-British Library (J. Hogarth; Ancient architecture)

Capt. Sir Augustine Fitzgerald (19th century)-'Hyderabad'-ca 1880   London-British Library (P 199)

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