Paintings by Józef Mehoffer

The Polish Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946) studied painting at the Academies of Krakow, Vienna and Colarossi in Paris. He worked in several European cities. He collaborated with Stanislaw Wyspianski and Jan Mateiko.

O Polaco Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946) estudou pintura nas Academias de Cracóvia, Viena e Colarossi em Paris. Executou trabalhos em diversas cidades europeias. Colaborou com Stanislaw Wyspianski e Jan Mateiko.

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946)-'May sun'-oil on canvas-1911   Warsaw-National Museum

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946)-'red umbrela'-oil on canvas

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946)-'boulevard of Clichy'-oil on canvas-1894

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946)-'Europa jubilans'-oil on canvas-1905

Józef Mehoffer (1869-1946)-'the conversation (sketch)'-oil on canvas-(1896-1897)

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