Honey, a sweet watery liquid due to its high sugar content, which is collected in the colonies of honeybees, has been serving as food and medicine for millennia.

O mel, líquido aquoso doce devido ao elevado teor de açúcares, recolhido nas colónias de abelhas melíferas, tem servido desde há milénios de alimento e medicamento.

Heinrich Retig (1859-1921)-'children with a honey pot'-watercolor on paper down on cardboard

Anonymous (15th century)-'honey'-miniature   Paris-BNF (Tacuinum sanitatis nal 1673)

Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)-'Jupiter as a child nourished by the goat of Amalthea'-oil on canvas-1638   Berlin-Gemäldegalerie

Piero di Cosimo (1462-1521)-'the discovery of honey by Bacchus'-oil on panel-ca 1499   Worchester-Art Museum

Albert Dürer (1471-1528)-'Cupid the honey thief'-watercolor   Wien-Kunsthistoriches Museum

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