Many painters of all times and from various countries were fascinated with the beauties of the city and with city life. Naples adopted as its patron the bishop St. Januarius, killed during the persecution of Emperor Diocletian in 303.

Inúmeros pintores de todas as épocas e de variados países se fascinaram com as belezas da cidade e da vida citadina. Nápoles tem com patrono o bispo São Januário morto durante a perseguição do Imperador Dioclesiano em 303.

Franz Wenzel Schwarz (1842-1919)-'entry of Garibaldi in Naples, september 7, 1860   Napoli-Museo Civico di Castel Nuovo

Franz Richard Unterberger (1838-1902)-'a view of via Posilippo with of the gulf of Naples and the Vesuvius'-oil on canvas

Robert Allot (1850-1910)-'lot of activity on the beach in Naples'-oil on canvas-1910

Anton Sminck Pitloo (1790-1837)-'Naples: the lighthouse at pier'-oil on canvas   Napoli-Museo di San Martino

Salvatore Pergola (1799-1874)-'the inauguration of the Naples-Portici Railway, 1840'- oil on canvas

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