Chariots and horses

Transporting people and goods through vehicles pulled by animals has been used for several millennia. These are designated as animal-drawn carts.

Utiliza-se há vários milénios o transporte de pessoas e bens por intermédio de veículos puxados por animais designados de tiro, ou seja carros de tração animal.

William Tyler Ranney (1813-1857)-'veterans of 1776 returning from the war'-1848   Dallas-Art Museum 

William Marlow (1740-1813)-'a coach and horse entering York'-watercolor and pencil on paper   Private collection

Fritz van der Venne (1873-1936)-'horse-drawn carriage in the storm'-oil on wood

Johann Adam Klein (1792-1874)-'port of Mainz'

Zigmunt Adjukiewicz (1861-1917)-'a train arrives'-oil on canvas

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