Masonry or Freemasonry

The lodges of this fraternal society, whatever their rite, are usually federated. These federations are called Grand Lodge when they are deists and Grand Orient for the ones which accept the Supreme Architect of the Universe as the creator. The first ones assume a public policy; the latter ones consider themselves to be 'discreet'.

As Lojas desta sociedade fraternal, qualquer que seja o seu Rito, encontram-se normalmente federadas. Estas federações denominam-se Grandes Lojas quando são deístas e Grandes Orientes para as que aceitam como criador o Supremo Arquitecto do Universo. As primeiras desfilam publicamente; as segundas consideram-se 'discretas'.

Everett Henry (20th century)-'structure of Freemasonry'-illustration   Life, vol. 41, nmº 15, October 8, 1956

Unknown (18th century)-'President George Washington laying Capitol cornerstone'  

Anton Wilhelm Tischbein (1730-1804)-'Masonic Congress, Wilhelmbnad 16 July-29 August 1782'

Lovis Corinth (1858-1925)-'the Freemason's at Lebachhaus, Munich 1848'

Masonic emblematic chart

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