Romantic landscapes in Germany

Several painters from Central Europe presented works with German landscapes which they that considered romantic.

Diversos pintores da Europa Central apresentaram trabalhos com paisagens alemãs que consideraram românticas.

Anton Schiffer (1811-1876)-'view of Berchtesgaden'-oil on canvas-1843   Private collection

Barend Cornwelis Koekkoek (1803-1862)-'landscape of the Eifel with chapel'-oil on canvas-1845   Private collection

Carl Rottmann (1787-1850)-'Wertheim am Main'-oil on canvas-1822   Hamburg-Kunsthalle

Carl Rottmann (1787-1850)-'Inn valley at Neubeuern'-oil on canvas-1843   Nürnberg.Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Carl Rottmann (1787-1850)-'Heidelberg and the Rhine plain'-oil on canvas-1820   former in Kurpfälzisches Museum

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